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Health care systems, hospitals, ACOs, & physician reimbursement reform, integrated delivery systems, & consolidation trends
Market on the Green is a grocery store in a “food desert” in Toledo, Ohio. The store is a joint project of the ProMedica hospital system in Toledo and the Ebeid Institute.
A look at three different approaches that seek to address social needs in a strategic and somewhat comprehensive way. At this point, all of them are experiments, and no one knows which will prove to be sustainable, replicable, or even beneficial to the patients and communities they seek to serve.
Lola Butcher
Providers and payers are being asked to tackle the ‘upstream’ causes of poor health. Medicaid managed care organizations are being asked to screen enrollees for social needs. Some targeted efforts have translated into cost savings and make sense in value-based arrangements. But are we asking the health sector to take on too much?
Two men are the same age and they’ve both been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. One was diagnosed 10 years before the other, though. The man with the earlier onset of type 2 diabetes has about a 30% to 60% greater risk of dying from any cause.
Cut an inch-long incision into someone’s scalp. Then drill a hole into the skull that’s no bigger than a dime. Insert an electrode directly into the brain that targets the reward center, the nucleus accumbens. Then thread a wire beneath the skin to a pacemaker implanted in the patient’s chest. That’s deep brain stimulation.

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HAP, a subsidiary of Henry Ford Health System, is a nonprofit health plan providing coverage to individuals, companies and organizations. This executive develops strategies to meet membership and revenue targets through products, pricing, market segmentation and advertising.  Aligns business among Business Development, Commercial Sales, Medicare and Public Sector Programs and Product Development. Seeks to enhance and be responsible for business development and expansion through the development of an effective product portfolio, strong interpersonal relationships and service excellence.

Apply via email to or online at

Peter Boland
Victoria Sweet, MD
In Slow Medicine, Victoria Sweet, MD, pulls the reader into a different reality, one that harkens back to an earlier era of one-on-one medicine, when physicians and patients commonly shared a bond of trust and familiarity. That era has faded with the emergence of systems of care and performance targets.
Thomas Morrow, MD
This article marks a milestone. My first Tomorrow’s Medicine column ran in the April 2003 issue of Managed Care. As I thought about what to write about for this column, I reflected back on the past 15 years. Since the beginning, Tomorrow’s Medicine has focused on cutting-edge, highly technical,…
These eight questions show that the use of an LBM or a PAP should be just one of the potential results of your laboratory benefit management program, not the program itself. You shouldn’t have to pay for services you already provide yourselves or add a middleman that’s not necessary.
Richard Mark Kirkner
Denver businessman Thomas Hiland was typical of the medical travel tourist. In 2005, he needed a mitral valve replacement. This was before the ACA’s guaranteed issue mandate, and he could not get health coverage. A nearby hospital quoted him $150,000 for the procedure; other U.S. hospitals priced…