Timothy Kelley

Warachal Eileen Faison, MD

Scratching the Career Itch Leads To Bigger Reach in Pharma
Timothy Kelley

Eneida O. Roldan, MD

Climbing the Physician Leadership Ladder: The Top Rung Is Tough and Not for Everyone
Howard Wolinsky

Sylvia Meltzer, MD

Hey, It’s Cool To Be Part Of ‘Hot’ Population Health
Howard Wolinsky

Steve Miller, MD

Flexing That PBM Muscle: A Billion Reasons Why It Is a Good Thing
Howard Wolinsky

Neal Kaufman, MD

Keep Patients Healthy (And the Bottom Line, Too)
Cover Story
Timothy Kelley
Whether you’re stepping up to this position or already hold it and are looking to make a shift, get ready for tumult—and big potential rewards.
Original Research
Sze-jung Wu, PhD
Qinli Ma, PhD
Patricia Martin, RN, BSN
Legislation & Regulation
Richard Mark Kirkner
A court ruling to block a merger in central Pennsylvania could mean more FTC sticks in the spokes of health care system mergers.
ACO Update
Michael D. Dalzell

Gregory Paulson
Trenton Health Team

Intensive case management and understanding the impact of social needs on health set Medicaid ACOs apart from their counterparts. Meet two organizations that are changing the ACO model.
Zachary Hafner

Zachary Hafner
Advisory Board

Their job description may read the same, but in today’s changing environment their influence is on the rise.
Michael Schlosser, MD

Michael Schlosser, MD

News & Commentary

Virginia A. Moyer