Research Articles from Managed Care

James P. Reichmann, MBA; Michael S. Kirkbride, BSc, PharmD
Patricia R. Salber, MD, MBA; William Bestermann, MD; Stanley Schwartz MD; Albert Marchetti, MD
Bruce Bode, MD; Michael Silver, MD; Richard Weiss, MS; Kathryn Martin
Charles M. Tomlinson, MD; Chad Gray, PT; Tom Kane, PT
Capital Health Plan achieved a 79% improvement in pain scores and a 54% improvement in function scores for its members
Damon Douglas, dual PharmD/MBA candidate
A system in which individual insurance policies may be purchased for separate medical products and services is based on a medical options market and takes its cue from the financial sector
Sara L. Thier, MPH; Kristina S. Yu-Isenberg, PhD, MPH, RPh; Brian F. Leas, MS, MA; C. Ron Cantrell, PhD; Sandra DeBussey
A widespread approach that incorporates various stakeholders may be necessary to change adherence behavior
Mary V. Mason, MD, MBA; Kara M. House, MBA; Janice Linehan, PA-C, MHP; Carol A. Speers, RN; Lisa M. Joseph, RN, MBA; Ray Littlejohn
Cyril F. Chang, PhD
The old TennCare program had many flaws and detractors. Its near collapse led to a more realistic approach to providing coverage to the uninsured in Tennessee.
Gary R. Bazalo, MS; Ashish V. Joshi, PhD; John Germak, MD
Payers' drug costs for human growth hormone are related to product waste that is related to the container in which the product is supplied
Meredith Y. Smith, PhD; Jerry Cromwell, PhD; Judith DePue, EdD; Bonnie Spring, PhD; William Redd, PhD; Marina Unrod, PhD