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Albert I. Wertheimer, PhD, MBA ; Frances A. Brentson, MS
Santosh J. Agarwal, BPharm, MS ; Gary V. Delhougne, JD, MHA ; Levi Citrin, JD ; Jill E. Sackman, DVM, PhD ; Anthony J. Senagore, MD, MS, MBA
Angela K. Hochhalter, PhD ; Rashmita Basu, PhD ; Karim Prasla, PharmD ; Chanhee Jo, PhD
Andrea DeVries, PhD ; Gosia Sylwestrzak, MA ; Abiy Agiro, PhD ; Thomas Power, MD

UM for outpatient discretionary echocardiography appeared to reduce testing rates significantly

Kathryn S. Kolibaba, MD
Although this practice can optimize long-term patient outcomes, it is not routine in clinical practice
Navin K. Singh, MD ; Nancy L. Reaven, MA ; Susan E. Funk, MBA

There was little difference between the options in terms of the frequency and cost of return visits. Patients receiving one-stage reconstructions returned slightly less often for breast-related services during the first 18 months after reconstruction, but the difference was not statistically significant.

Donald W. Bradley, MD ; Gwen Murphy RD, PhD ; Linda G. Snetselaar, RD, PhD, LD ; Esther F. Myers, PhD, RD, FADA ; Laura G. Qualls, MHA
Overweight or obese patients who participated in a medical nutrition therapy benefit sponsored through their insurer were compared with individuals who did not participate. Outcomes, including weight change, body mass index, waist circumference, and physical exercise, were collected at baseline and 2 years later.