P&T Digest: Depression

David V. Sheehan, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Editor

Depression is one of the most common illnesses in the United States and a major driver of health care utilization costs. Failure to diagnose and treat this condition can lead to poor yet avoidable medical and financial outcomes. The primary goals and challenges of treating depression involve accurate diagnosis of this highly comorbid condition and improving patient compliance with therapy.

This peer-reviewed publication is a digest of up-to-date guidelines for treatment, therapeutic approaches to treatment of depression, pharmacoeconomic considerations in treatment, and a discussion of comorbid conditions. It is a valuable tool for primary care physicians, mental health practitioners, pharmacists, and P&T committee members.


  • Depression: Underdiagnosed, Undertreated, Underappreciated
  • Prevalence and Economic Effects of Depression
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines for Treating Depression in Primary Care
  • An Overview of SSRI and SNRI Therapies for Depression
  • Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation of Antidepressant Therapies
  • Adherence With Antidepressant Medication
  • A Review of HEDIS Measures and Performance for Mental Disorders
  • Overview and Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder