P&T Digest: Glaucoma

Sharad S. Mansukani, MD, Chief Medical Editor

As the American population ages, the prevalence of glaucoma rises, thus consuming greater medical and financial resources. For the first time, MCOs are attempting to understand ophthalmologic diseases, their interest driven by the market appearance of several new pharmaceutical products to treat glaucoma. The efficacy of these products has created demand and, in turn, a need for appropriate criteria for their utilization. This digest of existing literature and best practices gives physicians and pharmacists on pharmacy and therapeutics committees up-to-date information about the most efficacious and cost-effective medical treatments available in a centralized format virtually unavailable elsewhere.


  • Introduction: Glaucoma Arrives on Managed Care’s Doorstep
  • Prevalence, Utilization, and Economic Implications
  • Clinical Guidelines for the Treatment of Glaucoma
  • Glaucoma Medications: A Drug Therapy Review
  • Considerations in the Pharmacoeconomics of Glaucoma
  • Current Formulary Status of Glaucoma Agents
  • Constructing Disease Management Programs for Glaucoma
  • Improving Adherence to Drug Treatment Regimens