Treating Depression: A Focus on Medication Choices from a Clinical and Managed Care Perspective

What defines effective treatment for patients with depression and what are the cost implications of effective and ineffective treatment? This supplement explores the elements that drive clinical and cost outcomes of antidepressive therapy. The presentations herein, derived from the Economic Working Group Advisory Board, cover such subjects as goals of treatment, what constitutes successful outcomes, the comorbid nature of depression, theoretical foundations of an economic model, and the nuances of accurately measuring which costs really matter.


  • Goals and Challenges of Optimally Treating Depression in a Managed Care Environment
  • Establishing the Real Cost of Depression
  • The Economic Model in Theory
  • The Importance of Adequate Length of Antidepressant Therapy
  • The SSRI Therapeutic Effective Dose Model
  • Roundtable Discussion: Assessing the Utility of and Implementing the SSRI Model Within MCOs