March 1997

What Quality Measurements Miss

Measurable indices of health care quality are all the rage, but not everything can be quantified. If reportable numbers become our principal focus, what is in danger of “falling through the cracks”?

Don’t Rely on Hospitals To Report Test Results

More often than you’d think, malpractice cases turn on the question of whether test results were properly communicated to patients and other physicians. Here’s where danger lies–and how to protect against it.

If We Build It, Will They Come?

In many cases, partners in an integrated health care delivery system see the world too narrowly. Success will be more likely to visit those who pay early and close attention to customers and competition.

A Visit With NCQA’s Margaret O’Kane

The president of the nation’s leading HMO accreditor speaks out on why physicians are angry, what it takes to measure quality, how practice guidelines should be developed and other hot issues in health care.


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