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Headlines on Deadline May 2000

Don't expect Rep. Tom Campbell's bill granting collective-bargaining rights to health care professionals to get far, despite its 26–2 romp out of committee. House GOP leaders aren't enthusiastic about the bill, but sources told the Associated Press that Speaker Dennis Hastert promised Campbell a floor vote in exchange for his support of a GOP tax-cut measure.... Medicare+Choice plans have long complained about minimal payment increases, and 2001's capitation hikes didn't change that. Most will get a 2-percent boost next year, while those in floor counties will see a 3.3-percent increase .... CalPERS settled on an average 4.9-percent premium increase for 2001, far less than anticipated by some. Two days later, it delayed implementing its cornerstone for holding rate increases down — doubling pharmacy copayments — when unions raised a stink.... Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts quit the state's HMO association. A Blues executive told the Boston Globe that the association is "against things. We're for things."

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