Poll: Health care industry needs more regulation

The health care industry has its work cut out for it if it intends to gain more of the public's trust. A Harris Poll attempts to cut to the specifics regarding just how much regulation the public wants, and for what specific industries. A national sample of 2,271 adults was shown a list of 15 industries and asked which should be more regulated, or less regulated. It also asked respondents to identify the industries that they find so "generally honest and trustworthy" that they would "believe a statement by a company in that industry."

The survey found that "the public is 7 times more likely to want to regulate managed care companies than to regulate computer manufacturers."

3 health care industries top list of what respondents feel should be regulated more

Percent of respondents who believe industry "needs more regulation"

Percent of respondents citing industry as "generally honest and trustworthy"