Letters to the Editor January 2010

Well put together

Your article on comparative effectiveness in the November issue was well put together.

Steven Brint, MD
Medical Director
Central Florida Surgical

Home again

Re: “How Patient-Centered Medical Homes May Change U.S. Medicine,” November 2009. Primary care physicians must lead the charge!

Ju Hwan Lee, MD
Bakersfield, Calif.

Behavioral modification needed

Re: “Will the New Fat-Fighter Drugs Be More Worthy of Coverage?” November 2009. While great interest is placed on drugs and understanding the physiological mechanism of “feeling hungry” and “why people overeat,” very little is done in creating the motivation to promote the only single important point in epidemic obesity: behavioral modification.

Lorenzo Galante, MD
Guilford, Conn.

Regional influence

Re: “Docs and Insurers Work to Advance Health Literacy,” October 2009. Regional ethnicity affects understanding follow-through with orders. Frequently at office visits, bringing meds to an office also plays a role.

Robert K. Allen, MD
Decatur, Ala.

Domestic tourism

We can testify that Mr. Richard Mark Kirkner has written quite a thorough article [“Liability Concern Balances Tourism’s Cost Appeal,” June 2009]. However, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that medical tourism is no longer limited to people seeking care across the international borders. Today, owing to the competition offered by overseas providers, U.S. providers have also jumped into this business, giving rise to what is termed domestic medical tourism.

Mumtaz Pachisa
Healthbase Online
Newton, Mass.


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