20 Years of MANAGED CARE

“Be better. Be different.” That’s what Roy Reiman tells magazines that are spreading their publishing wings. Sage advice from a man credited with building the largest private subscription-based publishing company, Reiman Publications.

MANAGED CARE was launched 20 years ago and continues to strive to be better and different. We have seen ideas come, go, and come again: re-imagined, reformatted, re-engineered, redesigned, relaunched. What is old is new.

Here are a few of our covers, starting at the very beginning. Some topics seem as relevant today as they were back then — thorny thought-provoking problems that bedevil this industry.

An editor of the British satire magazine Punch, upon assuming his position, was told that the publication was not so good as it once was. He replied: “It never was.”

Our goal is to have our readers say about each of our issues: “It’s better than it ever was.” That way, MANAGED CARE can continue to guide you through the complex subject that is managed care. Maybe even for another 20 years.

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