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Providers Fear Deluge of Data

Provider organizations are not prepared to handle the onslaught of data that will be generated to make reform work, according to a study by the computer technology company Oracle. Researchers interviewed 333 U.S. and Canadian executives at the C-suite level. Health care and 10 other industries were represented. The interviewees included 30 health care executives, none of whom worked for health insurance plans, Oracle says.

Twenty-nine percent of the 333 executives gave their organizations a grade of “D” or “F” when asked if they were ready to collect and process the new data. Health care executives are least confident; 0 percent gave their organization an “A.”

Marc Perlman, global vice president at Oracle Healthcare, says that the report “demonstrates the challenges that health care organizations face in managing their rapidly growing information stores.”

One of the answers in the “top gripes” part of the survey is “Don’t have the right systems in place to gather the information we need.” Fifty-three percent of health care executives are most likely to call this their top gripe. Health care executives estimate that on average they lose 15 percent of their revenue because they can’t fully leverage the information they collect. Other findings about health care executives:

  • One hundred percent are collecting and managing more business information today than two years ago.
  • Forty-seven percent can’t make sense of the information they have and use it to create an actionable plan.
  • Forty percent say their systems are not designed to meet the specific needs of their industry.