Search is on for primary care providers

A report released by the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR) reaffirms just how much primary care providers are in demand. Data were collected on nearly 5,000 provider searches conducted during 2013 by in-house physician recruiters from 145 organizations, including hospitals, clinics, physician practices, academic medical centers, and health plans. Ambulatory practices, hospitals, and physician practices owned by hospitals conducted the most searches: 36.1%, 28.4%, and 18.6% respectively.

Nearly 70% of organizations searched for a family medicine physician, but nurse practitioners led the pack in overrall searches conducted. According to the survey, more than 19% of all searches were for advanced practice providers. Approximately 71% of nurse practitioner searches and 50% of physician assistant searches were specifically for primary care, as opposed to 38% and 43% respectively in the prior year. In addition to the high demand for primary care providers, the report showed more open searches going unfilled. Approximately half of all family medicine and internal medicine positions went unfilled, creating large gaps in primary care access in many communities.

The percentage of unfilled positions for both of these primary care specialties increased over the previous year, with rates rising from 36% to 47% for family medicine positions, and from 41% to 52% for internal medicine.

Jennifer Metivier, ASPR’s executive director, says, “With the impact of the Affordable Care Act, it is no surprise that this year’s report shows a growing need for primary care providers — both physicians and advanced practice providers. We anticipate this trend will continue as organizations try to keep pace with the increasing number of patients seeking primary care services.”

Top physician searches in 2013

% of organizations searching for ...

Top provider searches in 2013

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Source: ASPR In-House Physician Recruitment Benchmarking Report, Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, August 2014


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