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The sequel is promised to be better.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services promises a much easier time for those wishing to enroll and re-enroll for health insurance coverage through The second enrollment was planned to open Nov. 15.’s coming out party last year had would-be enrollees in Health Insurance Marketplace plans across the country pulling their hair out because of many technical problems.

CMS promises that for returnees, 90% of the application will have already been filled out.

They will also have more to choose from because the number of insurers offering coverage through the site will increase by 25%. The Associated Press notes some other improvements:

  • Safeguards installed to prevent the site from crashing
  • 16 online screens to go through, compared to 76 last year
  • Shorter open enrollment: three months instead of the six that were needed last year because of Web site problems
  • A distinct upgrade in the level of discourse offered to Spanish-speaking enrollees
  • 1,000 more call center workers available this year to help enrollees get through the process


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