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Preparing for the good and bad of ICD-10

The coming of ICD-10 stirs up both hope and wariness among the medical industry’s stakeholders, according to a survey by the health information company Edifecs. Implementation is scheduled to take place next year. But even if it’s delayed again, it can’t be delayed forever. This is a crucial event for providers, who are struggling to switch over to the new payment system, and for health insurers, who depend on the codes to guide billing. The number of diagnostic codes will jump from 13,000 to 68,000, while the number of inpatient procedure codes will grow from 11,000 to 87,000. Edifecs asked 349 respondents, including payers, vendors, physician practices, and hospitals, how they plan to use the data and what tasks they think ICD-10 might make more difficult to perform.

How organizations plan to use ICD-10 data

These activities will be harder to do once ICD-10 compliance begins

Source: Edifecs


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Legislation and regulation
By Richard Mark Kirkner

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