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Briefly Noted March 2014

Frank Diamond

Federal regulators want insurers who participate in exchanges to offer benefits that include a wider range of providers. CMS is considering a proposal that would require insurers to submit a full list of their providers as a condition for being approved to sell plans on the exchanges. The move comes as consumers complain about lack of access to some specialists and medical centers. The industry group America’s Health Insurance Plans counters that narrower networks are one way to keep down costs.... People seeking help for mental health disorders have a tough time as it is, and it may get even tougher. Many places in the country do not have enough mental health providers, and many such providers do not accept private insurance. Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act will allow about 7 million additional people to try to get mental health services.... Kidney damage is always a risk of surgery because of the possibility of the organs being deprived of blood during the procedures. Patients suffering kidney damage are much more at risk of developing heart problems, according to a study in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Researchers compared data from patients who needed dialysis to recover from injuries with data from those who did not.

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