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Doctors skeptical about EHRs’ benefits

Physicians don’t think highly about the ability of electronic health records (EHRs) to support clinical outcomes, according to Deloitte’s “2016 Survey of U.S. Physicians.” Less than half (47%) of physicians agree that EHR capabilities improve clinical outcomes. That’s down from the 2014 survey, in which 55% of physicians believed the same. In a blog post on Deloitte’s website, Mitch Morris, MD, the company’s global sciences and heath care industry leader, outlines just what’s at stake. He notes that 62% of physicians would like to see EHRs become more interoperable, while 57% want improved workflow and productivity.

These last points will likely be critical with the implementation of MACRA, wrote Morris, because EHRs and interoperability are, in his view, a fundamental part of virtually every aspect of the CMS payment regulations.

Physicians are less likely to think that EHR capabilities support clinical outcomes than they did in the 2014 survey.

Source: Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, “2016 Survey of U.S. Physicians”

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