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Anthem CEO Gives Trump Some Advice

Frank Diamond

Make sure that federal cost-sharing subsidies for health insurers continue and keep the funds flowing into Medicaid, Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish advised President Trump when the two met last month. Bloomberg reports that Swedish also wants the administration to stay on course regarding eliminating the ACA’s limit on corporate tax deductions for top health plan executives, effectively encouraging the companies to pay those executives more.

John Gallina, the company’s CFO, told attendees at the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference: “We’re extremely engaged with the leaders and the American public. We feel very good, very encouraged, by the fact that the president and his team are listening and actually making changes based on feedback that the industry is providing.”

As Bloomberg reports, Anthem sells Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans in 14 states. It is one of the biggest insurers to continue selling on the ACA exchanges. In addition, “Anthem has also expanded its Medicaid business, fueled by the ACA’s expansion of that program to more low-income individuals.”


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