MediMedia Poll of Managed Care readers

Telehealth Gets a Warm Reception

Telehealth, you’ve got some fans among Managed Care’s readers.

In an online survey conducted in late February and early March, 37% of the 174 respondents rated the likelihood that telehealth will reduce health care costs as high, and 50% favored laws and regulations that would encourage its adoption.

Likelihood Telehealth Will Reduce Health Care Costs

Scale 1–7, 1=not at all likely, 7=extremely likely

About a third of respondents had had a firsthand experience with telehealth as a provider or as a patient (either themselves or a family member). From both perspectives, it was a good experience. As providers, 40% gave the experience a high quality rating (a 6 or 7 on a 1–7 scale). As patients, it was more favorable, with 59% giving the experience high marks.

Satisfied with Telehealth Services Provided

Scale 1–7, 1=not at all satisfied, 7=extremely satisfied

Chronic disease management (68% of respondents) and mental health therapy (52%) were picked most often as the best applications of telehealth.

Best Applications of Telehealth

Source for all charts: MediMedia Research

MediMedia Research, which conducted this poll, is a unit of MediMedia Managed Markets, an Icon plc company. Managed Care is owned by MediMedia Managed Markets.

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