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Briefly Noted July 2018

Eighty-two percent of employees think that having a high-deductible health plan helps them make better decisions about health care, according to a survey by Clear Insights, a publication for investment and accounting professionals. In addition, three quarters of employees who purchased an HDHP were more interested in lower premiums than other cost-sharing factors, reports Health Payer Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence technology was 91% accurate when used to diagnose retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) while eight doctors specializing in the condition achieved 82% diagnostic accuracy in a recent study. This could change the way ROP is diagnosed in the future. It might also be “broadly relevant to other medical fields that rely primarily on subjective image-based diagnostic features,” according to a study in JAMA Ophthalmology. Each year, about 16,000 infants are born with ROP, and about 600 of those babies become legally blind from the condition.

Short-term insurance plans should serve as a bridge and not a replacement for health insurance coverage, according to comment submitted by AHIP on a proposed rule that would expand the duration of short-term plans. The proposed change would allow people to buy short-term health insurance for a year, instead of the ACA maximum of three months.

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