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Fewer People With Diabetes Hospitalized For Heart Failure

Clinicians should become more aware of the dangers of heart failure in patients with type 1 diabetes where “this risk is underappreciated,” according to a study published in the Dec. 11, 2018, issue of Circulation. It was a large study, taking in nearly the entire adult population of Scotland aged 30 or older—about 3.5 million people. Researchers with the University of Glasgow looked at hospitalizations for heart failure for that population from 2004 to 2013.

The rate of hospitalization for heart failure for diabetes patients actually fell from 2004 through most of 2012, according to the study. Rates for people with type 2 diabetes and those without diabetes were similar. There was some evidence of a more rapid decline in people with type 1 diabetes, in whom the average decrease was 2.2% per calendar year faster than in people without diabetes. However, “notwithstanding any temporal decrease in absolute rates, the rate ratios for heart failure hospitalization remained large throughout the study period for both types of diabetes mellitus,” the study states.