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Peter Wehrwein

Innovation. Hear it and hype-detecting alarm bells go off. Something like a fight-or-flight response kicks in. I can feel my cortisol levels rising.

Why? Because innovation is what countless PR and sales pitches are hawking. Many fall into that huge gully between what they promise and what they actually deliver.

There are the ones that are just not that new. Others are innovation inchworms: credible but incremental. Many are woefully underpowered when it comes to results—or anything even remotely resembling evidence.

In her story about artificial intelligence in this issue, Sarah Kwon shares a quote from Eric Topol’s recent review of AI for diagnosis and prognosis: “The field is certainly high on promise,” wrote Topol, “and relatively low on data and proof.”

But spare the babies when dealing with bathwater.

In our reader survey, artificial intelligence for screening received the most votes for being a game changer. Now, that is a matter of opinion; it doesn’t mean that Topol’s assessment is off target. But AI applications for screening are wending their way through the FDA approval process and on to the market. If properly tested and appropriately used, they seem at least like a good bet for catching on—58 of the respondents to our survey thought so.

And by the way, if you haven’t taken the survey, you can take it now on our website, managedcaremag.com/innovations-survey.

Also, thank you for downloading the Zappar app. Look for the other zapcodes in this issue so you can take advantage of the videos and other augmented reality features that we’ve built into it. The idea is to give you some additional information and insight beyond the two-dimensional printed page—and to have some fun. Check out the drone on page 30.

Fun and managed care. You don’t see that pairing very often. How about that for innovation?

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