Molina Goes to Town on Obamacare Marketplace

Obamacare could use a little good news right now. Everybody’s heard about the high-profile departures of some of the biggest health insurance companies from the ACA exchanges. But Molina Healthcare, a company that made its name as a Medicaid managed care plan, is cleaning up, the Hill reports. Molina always had to rein in costs and get the best quality bang for its buck, the plan’s CEO Mario Marino, MD, explains.

“In the Medicaid environment, we don’t have ability to raise prices or raise premiums. We have to learn to live within a budget, and that’s very different than on the commercial side,” he told the Hill.

Molina offers some of the most affordable benefit packages on the market, and it’s working. The 4 million-member company is expected to rake in $16 billion by the end of this year. “The thing that surprised us is that we actually exceeded our growth expectations,” Molina told the Hill.