How Medicaid Managed Care Can Boost Obamacare

One plan provides bus passes so people without cars can get to see their doctor nonetheless. Another offers valet cart service at community health centers so the homeless don’t have to worry about losing their possessions when they visit the doctor. It’s little details like this that could make Medicaid managed care plans boost the recently sagging fortunes of the Obamacare exchanges, the Hill reports. Nearly three-fourths of Medicaid enrollees Nearly 55 million people—about 55 million people—are now covered under managed care, a sharp increase even in the past three years.

Jeff Myers, the CEO of the Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA), says it’s no accident that Medicaid fares well. He tells the Hill: “It seems to me that the exchange products that work best are ones that, rather than just open up a giant network and provide lots of services, really look at, are there services that we can open up and drive that will improve health outcomes and reduce cost? And a lot of that design is obviously built into Medicaid.”

Source: The Hill