Obama Administration Unveils Aggressive Campaign to Sign Up Younger Enrollees for the ACA

It’s all about the risk pools. One of the problems with Obamacare so far is the lack of enrollment of younger, healthier beneficiaries who offset the costs of caring for older, sicker adults. The Obama administration yesterday unveiled a campaign that will use “targeted, digital messages and online networks such as Twitter,” aimed to encourage those aged 35 and under to sign up for the ACA coverage in the fall open enrollment period scheduled to begin November 1, the Wall Street Journal reports. It promises to be an aggressive campaign, one that the administration hopes will resonate with the younger crowd.

There’s a lot at stake. “The sluggish enrollment pace of young adults is a factor behind rising premiums and defections by major insurers such as UnitedHealth Group Inc., which have said they’re leaving some state exchanges because they’re losing money,” the newspaper reports. “Failure to bolster enrollment among young adults could have major implications for the next administration regardless of who becomes president.”

Source: Wall Street Journal