Millennials Could Save Obamacare, But They Aren’t So Far

The millennials who helped put President Obama in office and kept him there for two terms don’t seem as keen about the commander in chief’s legacy. The ACA is struggling, in part because 18- to 34-year-olds have not deigned to join, Politico reports.

“Despite repeated outreach—including entreaties from all manner of celebrities, including NBA stars and Obama himself—young people make up less than 30% of Obamacare customers. The White House had set a goal of 40% in that age bracket to sustain a healthy marketplace because millennials tend to be healthier and, therefore, balance the costs of sicker, older customers.”

The irony is that the good health of the demographic that makes them so important to alleviate risk-pool stress is also one of the main reasons they see no urgency in signing up for health care. 

Source: Politico