Osteoporosis Can Do a Number on Men, Too

Men don’t get osteoporosis as much as women, but when they do get it, it can be much more damaging, the New York Times reports. Men tend to get the disease later in life then women. But when a man who breaks a hip because osteoporosis, he is more likely to be permanently disabled and twice as like to die within a year. Physicians, also, are not as likely to look for the causes of osteoporosis in men, such as celiac disease, COPD, depression, prostate cancer, and gastric-esophageal reflux disease.

Robert A. Adler, an endocrinologist at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, tells the newspaper: “We need to pay a lot more attention to osteoporosis in men. It’s erroneous to think it’s a lady’s disease. And because many men and their doctors think that, men are less likely than women to be evaluated and treated after a low-trauma fracture.”

Source: New York Times