‘When the Night Has Come, and the Land Is Dark, and the Moon Is the Only Light We’ll See’

There’s no link between the occurrence of a full moon and an increase in bizarre mishaps and admissions in hospitals, science has proven, but many hospital personnel respond with, “Science be damned,” the Wall Street Journal reports. Researchers hoped to dismiss that myth as far back as 1996, when the American Journal of Emergency Medicine analyzed 150,999 admissions and found that a full moon did not once increase admissions. And a study published last year in Nursing Research found no correlation between appearances of a full moon and admissions or birth rates.

Many doctors and nurses remain unconvinced. John Becher, MD, tells the newspaper: “I’ve become a believer to the point where I don’t want to work on a full moon.”    

X-ray technologist Michelle Schusky has worked in hospitals for 40 years. She tells the Wall Street Journal: “Our bodies are 70% water, and because the moon moves the oceans, it moves the water in your body—people flip out.” 

Source: WSJ