Hospital Workers: Let Us Make Our Own Decision About Sugary Drinks

Was a time long ago when hospitals sold cigarettes and many doctors would catch a smoke in between seeing patients in the examination room. That’s gone the way of he Edsel, and today many hospitals are treating the selling of sugary drinks in the same manner: That is they are pulling them from vending machines and cafeterias, STAT reports. There’s pushback, of course, and much of it is coming from employees.  

The hospital cafeteria at the University of California, San Francisco, pulled sugary drinks a year ago. “It’s ridiculous,” Terry Vincent, a surgical technologist, tells STAT. People often spend vigil over loved ones for hours. “Give ‘em a Coke!” Vincent exclaims.

That’s not how it’s trending, however. STAT reports: “More and more hospitals are hearing similar grumbles—as well as some applause. In recent years, hospitals in Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, New Hampshire, and Minnesota have eradicated sugary drinks, stocking shelves instead with flavored water, skim milk, diet soda, and unsweetened tea.”

Source: STAT