Colorado’s Proposition 106 Would Give Terminally Ill Patients an Option for a Peaceful Death

A sleeping medication called secobarbital might soon become much better known if voters in Colorado approve Proposition 106 in the election. That’s the medicine most likely to be given to mentally competent adults who have six months or less to live and want to avoid the anguish of the last weeks and days, reports Kaiser Health News. The article focuses on 36-year-old Matt Larson who suffers from anaplastic oligodendroglioma, a particularly malignant form of brain tumor. Larson had the lump of cancerous tissue cut out, but if it should return, he wants the option of avoiding a horrible death. “Colorado’s proposal is modeled after Oregon’s law. In both, two doctors must determine a patient is mentally capable of making the choice and isn’t under undue influence or coercion.”

Source: Kaiser Health News