Most ACA Enrollees Shielded From Double-Digit Premium Increases

A counterthrust in the debate about health insurance premiums on the ACA exchanges. Yesterday, the news was about how those premiums are expected to rise an average of 25%. Today, the news is about how those hikes are unlikely to affect the majority of ACA beneficiaries. Tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies are expected to shield most enrollees from drastic premium increases, though many may see a bump, reports Modern Healthcare.

“In total, HHS estimates 78% of individuals who are uninsured, purchase marketplace coverage or buy individual coverage outside of the exchanges have incomes low enough to qualify for subsidies in 2017,” Modern Healthcare reports. “Additionally, 77% of returning marketplace customers will be able to find a plan for $100 per month or less, and 72% will be able to find a plan for $75 or less per month. But that might require some shopping around—and that could force some consumers to lose their doctors.”

Source: Modern Healthcare