Rate of Uninsured Signing Up in the ACA Exchanges Slows

Enrollment of the uninsured in Obamacare seems to have stalled, according to a study by the CDC. In fact, at one point this year, it might have even gone into reverse. The number of uninsured people dropped by 200,000 between 2015 and the first six months of 2016; not statistically significant. In 2015, 28.6 million people were uninsured; through the first six months of 2016, it was 28.4 million. And during the first three months, the number of uninsured had been even lower: 27.3 million people, a million fewer than the first six months.

That’s not to take away from the ACA’s accomplishments, under which 20 million Americans got coverage since 2014. Still, the numbers of uninsured going signing up for Obamacare has been less and less each year. Now it’s at a standstill.

“It has got to be close to tapped out,” Dan Witters, of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, tells the Associated Press.

Emily Zammitti, the lead author of the CDC report, tells the AP that the report is a snapshot and should not be confused with a trend line. “Whether it’s plateauing or not ... we can’t determine that,” she said.

Source: CDC