Gottlieb Seems To be Gaining Ground Against O’Neill in Fight for FDA Nomination

When the Trump transition team last week floated the name of Jim O’Neill as a possible nominee to head the FDA, the person who seems to have most benefitted has been Scott Gottlieb, MD, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a leading conservative expert on health care policy. O’Neill has come up with some ideas over the years that give some pause. Ideas such as allowing drug companies to simply prove that drugs are safe before they’re put on the market—not that they actually work. Also, he’s for people being allowed to sell their organs.

Not everyone thinks that Gottlieb would be that much of an improvement. David Gorski, MD, PhD, writing in the New York Times science blog, notes that Gottlieb holds many of the same anti-regulation views as O’Neill. Gorski adds that Gottlieb seems to have turned into a “pharmaceutical shill.” Ouch! That one’s got to hurt.

Source: New York Times