Millions Have Obamacare: Now Try Taking It Away From Them

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all,” the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote. That's just one of the things that sets love apart from other human interactions because, for the most part, people who have something and then lose it would have been better off not having it in the first place. That’s called loss aversion, and it’s the reason why many experts believe that despite the rhetoric from a lot the public, President-elect Trump, and Republican legislators, Obamacare isn’t going anywhere soon, according to an opinion piece in STAT Plus.

President Obama’s been urging more Americans to sign up for ACA coverage not only because he believes it will help them, but also because the more people sign up the more difficult it will be to repeal, or repeal and delay, or repeal and replace the act. The uninsured rate peaked in 2010 at about 18%. The ACA has helped cut that back to about 10% today.

“As the transition of power approaches, loss aversion seems to explain the Republican approach to the ACA,” the opinion piece states. “President-elect Trump has at times suggested that he wants to keep covered everyone who already has insurance, and even perhaps complete a move towards universal coverage. Similarly, House Speaker Paul Ryan has indicated that he seeks to somehow ensure that the repeal leaves ‘no one worse off.’”

Source: STAT Plus (registration required)