Health Plan Lobbying Group Urges Congress To Go Slow In Replacing the ACA

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) wants Congress to go slow with the transition from the ACA to whatever is coming next, the CT Mirror reports. They also urge lawmakers to keep the subsidies coming to insurance companies and low-income Americans who use the money to purchase insurance.

Huge premium increases were seen this year in many ACA state insurance exchanges thanks to many factors, especially the problem of not getting enough younger and healthier beneficiaries involved in order to broaden the risk pool. 

Craug Garthwaite, of the Northwestern University, tells CT Mirror that all the talk about repealing and replacing the ACA has generated a lot of doubt among insurers, who must file their rates for 2018 this spring.

“If the exchanges collapse with no replacement, 13 million people who get their coverage there will be uninsured,” Garthwaite tells CT Mirror.

Source: CT Mirror