Trump Wants To Repeal and Replace Obamacare Immediately

President-elect Donald Trump made his feelings about Obamacare crystal clear yesterday, telling the New York Times that he wants the ACA repealed and replaced quickly—as in very quickly. As in, do it in two weeks, Congress. Trump took a shot at plans by some Republican lawmakers to repeal the ACA immediately, and then come up with a replacement for it a couple of years down the road. That won’t do.

The New York Times: “Mr. Trump appeared to be unclear both about the timing of already scheduled votes in Congress and about the difficulty of his demand—a repeal vote ‘probably some time next week’ and a replacement ‘very quickly or simultaneously, very shortly thereafter.’”

This could very well backfire. With Republicans soon to be in control of the presidency, the Senate, the House and, with the Supreme Court most likely having a conservative bent, they will own health care. They’ll own any success, and they’ll own any failure. Meaning, as the Times puts it, that “they would have to live with the political consequences of scuttling a law that provides health care for 20 million Americans and protects millions more from discrimination for pre-existing medical conditions, ends lifetime caps on insurance coverage and allows children to remain on their parents’ insurance policies until age 26.”

Source: New York Times