Patients Will Pay Little, but Insurers a Lot for $4,500 EpiPen Competitor

Good news for consumers, but a headache for insurers. The Auvi-Q, made by Kaleo, includes a voice mechanism that gives consumers step-by-step instructions on how to inject epinephrine with an automatic retractable needle system, USA Today reports. Problems with dosing forced the product to be recalled in 2015, but it is scheduled to be back on the market next month.

Consumers with high-deductible plans or low-income consumers will be able to get the product either for free, or for low out-of-pocket costs. But, as always, somebody has to pay.

Michael Rea, CEO of Rx Savings Solutions, which represents insurers, tells USA Today that the sales strategy for Auvi-Q is “an attempt to push an extraordinary burden on to the commercial and federal (insurers).”

Kaleo CEO Spencer Williamson fired back. “Our view is that the most important price is the price to the patient.” Anything else would be paid by insurers, he said.

Source: USA Today