Aetna’s CEO Bertolini Open to Single-Payer System, But Thinks Health Plans Should Run It

Mark Bertolini, the CEO of Aetna, said in a Q&A with the insurer’s employees that he thinks that there should be a national discussion about the feasibility of turning health care into a single-payer system, according to Vox.

Thing is, says Bertolini, he doubts that the government is equipped to run such a system. Vox obtained some video of Bertolini making the remarks. “The government doesn’t administer anything,” Bertolini said. “The first thing they’ve ever tried to administer in social programs was the ACA, and that didn’t go so well. So the industry has always been the back room for government. If the government wants to pay all the bills, and employers want to stop offering coverage, and we can be there in a public private partnership to do the work we do today with Medicare, and with Medicaid at every state level, we run the Medicaid programs for them, then let’s have that conversation.”

Source: Vox