Nevada, California Get Tough With Drug Companies

There’s a lot of talk in Washington, D.C., about doing something to curb escalating drug prices and as the bipartisan pressure mounts the chances of that talk becoming legislative action increases. Meanwhile, some state legislators aren’t waiting for federal guidance, STAT reports.

Nevada’s senate approved a bill that would make drug companies report costs, pricing history of drugs and to give prior notification if they intend to increase the cost of diabetes medications. As STAT reports this effort garners a lot of attention because “it marks the first time that drugs used for treating a specific disease have been singled out for reducing costs.”

Meanwhile, in California the senate passed a bill that seeks to curb some of the goodies that pharmaceutical companies can give providers, including passes to entertainment events, speaking fees, consulting payment, and travel perks.  

STAT: “Not surprisingly, some political jockeying is still under way. Beyond the expected opposition from the pharmaceutical industry, some Republican lawmakers [in Nevada] recently drafted their own bill seeking more transparency from pharmacy benefit managers, the middlemen that negotiate favorable insurance coverage.”

Source: STAT