Kansas City Blues Pulling Out of Missouri’s ACA

About 67,000 people living in 30 counties in northwestern Missouri and another two in Kansas will not have an Obamacare plan available to them next year. Kaiser Health News reports that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City says that staying in the marketplace would not be economically feasible, pointing out that it lost $100 million in the ACA exchanges through 2016.

Such loses are “unsustainable for our company” CEO Danette Wilson said in a statement.

Missouri is just the latest state where insurers have either pulled out of exchanges or are considering doing so. Iowa will not be offering an ACA exchange. And insurers in the first states where public filings to participate in ACA exchanges next year have occurred—Maryland, Virginia, and Connecticut—want to increase premiums by at least 20%. In Maryland, CareFirst is asking for a 50% increase in premiums.

Source: Wall Street Journal