Drug Companies Appear To Be Having Their Way With Trump Administration

The Trump administration believes that reining in regulations on pharmaceutical companies is the best way to control the cost of drugs, the New York Times reports. The newspaper obtained a draft of an executive order President Trump appears ready to issue that seems to give drug companies a lot of leeway, despite the president often using them as a scapegoat for high costs.

There are scarce details about what drug companies should do to help in the effort. The Times lists key members of the Trump administration who have deep ties to the drug industry. “Several of the proposals appear to reflect that industry influence,” the Times reports. “For example, the document directs the United States trade representative to conduct a study of price differences between the United States and other countries, and to review trade agreements that may need to be revised ‘to promote greater intellectual property protection and competition in the global market.’”

David Mitchell, the founder of Patients for Affordable Drugs, a not-for-profit advocacy organization, expressed disappointment that the drug companies aren’t being asked to do more. He tells the Times: “I do believe that the president wants to do something to lower drug prices for people, but this is a far cry from what he said on the campaign trail. I don’t see anything there that addresses the drug companies getting away with murder, and it appears that is because pharma has captured the process.”

Source: New York Times