Anthem’s Hopeful About Health of Individual Insurance Market Under GOP Plan

Health insurers for the most part worry that Republican plans to overhaul health care will hurt the individual market, but at least one large player isn’t buying it, the Wall Street Journal reports. Anthem said in a statement that the Senate’s bill “will markedly improve the stability of the individual market and moderate premium increases.”

The Senate bill drops the individual mandate, which would draw younger and healthier people into the risk pool, bolstering the financial underpinnings. “Many insurers say that the bill’s other provisions, including the stability funding, aren’t strong enough to cancel out the impact of getting rid of the ACA’s coverage requirement.”

The newspaper continues that “Republicans on Monday added a requirement that people who have a break in their coverage must wait six months to buy a new plan. That provision is designed to encourage people to maintain continuous coverage.”

Source: Wall Street Journal