Anxiety, Depression Treatment Linked to Opioid Epidemic

Doctors want to heal, that’s their mission. People with anxiety and depression want to function; hold down jobs, enjoy the good moments with family and friends.

These two worthy impulses have contributed to what’s the greatest drug crisis in the history of the United States. People suffering with anxiety and depression consume a disproportionate amount of the opioids in America, according to researchers with Dartmouth College and the University of Michigan, and as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Of the 38.6 million people suffering from anxiety and/or depression, 19% get at least two prescriptions for anxiety and depression a year.

According to the Inquirer: “The researchers concluded that 51.4 percent of 115 million opioid prescriptions written annually were given to people with anxiety and depression. Their figure for the total number of prescriptions issued is about half the number commonly cited by other authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer