Trump Picks Moderate Republican To Head CDC

Brenda Fitzgerald, MD, a Georgia Republican who twice ran unsuccessfully for Congress and has deep roots in the state’s GOP, has been chosen by President Trump to head the CDC. Fitzgerald, who served as Georgia’s public health commissioner, is considered to be a moderate Republican, the New York Times reports. In one of her runs for Congress, conservative critics accused her of performing abortions, a charged Fitzgerald denied but she did say that the decision about whether to terminate a pregnancy should be one made by the woman in consultation with her physician.

Fitzgerald, who turns 71 next week, is a close ally of HHS Secretary Tom Price and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, both prominent Georgian Republicans. Fitzgerald’s “appointment follows two other selections for key health posts that have been generally well received by Democrats: Mr. Trump’s nomination of Dr. Jerome M. Adams, a widely respected health commissioner for Indiana, to be the surgeon general; and the announcement that Dr. Francis S. Collins will remain as director of the National Institutes of Health, despite protests from conservative lawmakers,” the Times reports.

Source: New York Times