The idea entertained by California legislators that the state could perhaps be the first to become a single-payer oasis seemed to have withered dismally a month or so ago. It was seemingly laid to rest by some logistical problems, not the least being a $400 million annual price tag.

Well, the California Nurses Association (CNA) isn’t giving up yet, reports Kaiser Health News. And the union is playing hardball. For instance, RoseAnn DeMoro, the union’s executive director, a few days ago “tweeted out a picture of the iconic California grizzly bear being stabbed in the back with a knife emblazoned with the name of a powerful state lawmaker who stalled the single-payer bill sponsored by the union.”

The CNA has gained a national reputation for playing rough. Whether it can turn the tide in this particular battle remains to be seen, however. Raucous rallies and incendiary talk can backfire, says Mike Madrid of the public affairs company Grassroots Lab. “Using fear and intimidation as a tactic in the legislature usually doesn’t get you too far,” he tells Kaiser Health News.

Source: Kaiser Health News

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