Ohio State Regulators Trying To Keep ACA Exchange Afloat

One county still without coverage

Paulding County in Ohio’s northwest corner isn’t feeling the love, but the rest of the state is in decent shape when it comes to ACA coverage. There will be ACA coverage by at least one insurer in 19 of the state’s 20 counties, the Wall Street Journal reports. The state’s insurance regulators say that Paramount Health Care, Molina Healthcare, Centene, CareSource, and Medical Mutual of Ohio will offer plans on the exchanges next year, although they could change their minds depending on what the Trump administration does about health care.

The health plans are trying to fill the hole in coverage left when Anthem announced that it was pulling out of the state’s ACA exchanges.

Jillian Froment, director of the Ohio Department of Insurance, tells the newspaper: “There is more work to do as we try to secure coverage options in Paulding County while also making sure this plan can be finalized in the fall. We will continue working with the industry, but those efforts are heavily dependent on market stability and clarity from Washington. We encourage Congress to work on ways to stabilize our health insurance markets.”

Ohio’s predicament mirrors what’s going on in some other states that find themselves with counties that have no ACA exchanges. State insurance regulators are trying to calm nerves even as the issue continues to be fluid in Washington, D.C.

Source: Wall Street Journal