Insurer Subsidies Might Be Pulled From Obamacare Exchanges

Search for illusive bipartisan agreement continues

There’s a good chance that the federal subsidies that allow insurers who cover poorer and sicker populations on the ACA exchanges might not arrive next year. President Trump says he’s considering pulling the money out, and insurers and lawmakers say that will surely further destabilize the market, ABC News reports. It would cause more premium hikes and force even more health plans to abandon the Obamacare exchanges.

There will be some bipartisan bargaining, with Republicans arguing that they would favor a continuation of the subsidies if Democrats give some ground on some of the mandated coverage items in the ACA. That might be too much for Democrats to swallow.

“Democrats will be reluctant to strike an agreement that would pull back far on Obama's protections, which include a set of services insurers must cover and guarantees that premiums for healthy and seriously ill people are equal,” ABC News reports.

For their part, some Republicans view the continuation of subsidies as propping up a law that they’ve vowed to repeal but which, so far, they’ve been unable to do. The third attempt at repeal by the Senate failed last week.

Source: ABC News