Insurers Step in To Assure ACA Coverage

The death of the ACA has been very much exaggerated, according to Politico. Yes, some major insurers have abandoned the markets, but they’ve been replaced by other health plans who think there’s business to be had.

“Just this week, for instance, Centene, a national insurer that’s been successful in the Obamacare marketplaces, agreed to cover 14 counties in Nevada where no insurer had filed plans for 2018, and Wisconsin insurance officials said a company committed to covering its sole bare county,” Politico reports.

The result is that there appears to only one county in the country—Paulding County in western Ohio—that will be without an Obamacare insurer, and there’s a chance that some insurer may yet step in there.

The insurers are rushing in to help in part as a result of requests from state officials. Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, said of Centene’s decision: “There are times when companies stand up and they do what they feel is right. This is a proud day for me as governor of this state, that in times of crisis we all come together to find a solution.”

Of course, these commitments have yet to be locked in. The deadline for insurers to file their rate requests is September 20. Participating insurers must sign contracts by September 27. Open enrollment begins November 1. Health plans are still somewhat skittish about the uncertainty of the future of subsidies that help them cover older and sicker beneficiaries.

Source: Politico