No-Premium Plans Offered on ACA Exchanges

A growing number of consumers in the ACA market will be able to get coverage for 2018 without paying any monthly premium, according to health insurers and an analysis of federal data. Some consumers in the 2,722 counties included in the analysis will be able to obtain no-premium insurance thanks to federal subsidies that help beneficiaries pay their premiums, according to the Wall Street Journal. “The new analysis doesn’t project exactly how many consumers could be eligible for the no-premium plans, a figure that depends on variables including people’s income, household size, age, location and access to other types of health coverage,” the newspaper reports.

Wendy Curran, a spokeswoman for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, tells the newspaper that “we absolutely will be promoting this opportunity to get coverage at a zero price. We hope those younger people will say, ‘Well yeah, if it’s not going to cost me anything, sure.’”

The insurer is already touting the no-premium plans on radio, print, and social-media.

The Wall Street Journal: “Availability will vary by age and income, but some enrollees who don’t have a very low income may be able to land zero-premium coverage, according to the analysis of federal data conducted by consulting firm Oliver Wyman, a unit of March & McLennan.”

Source: Wall Street Journal